hello so here's interesting social media app which is called tribal tribal and then uh yeah so its motto is social media done right create your own personalized profile customize your feed by topics create and join public and private groups fully customizable feed fully encrypted messaging interesting app it says a new grassroots social network is finally here one that has safeguards in a place that will put morality throughs and with the people first tribe is the smarter social network where your posts immediately reach the right audience you finally get the recognition you deserve you can customize your newsfeed to easily find the braking and trending pods no more endless scrolling no more waiting for action selected target audience for a post to make sure that there is the right eyeballs and generate maximum engagement find experts in any topic get the recognition you deserve and yeah so that's basically the idea and then uh if you open the app here's how it looks like so there are a bunch of post design is very minimalistic it's very [Music] yeah very simple um and it's kind of like uh similar to twitter all the social media is kind of similar to twitter um and a lot of people are quite unhappy with uh with facebook with twitter with mainstream social media there why there are a lot of these new apps popping out here and there all the time and then you have notifications then you have your menu you can set up your home page setting you can activate to activate your account if you want and then you can invite your friends you can add your friends so to add your friends uh just tap on the search button and then you can just search for someone just like that and then you can just add here so as you can see people are tired of facebook and stuff like that so everyone from old to young like looking for some alternatives probably teenagers are looking for something like tick tock or some other apps a lot of people are hanging out on some like apps either on the right or left side or political spectrum it's like very crowded space of social media but it's also an interesting opportunity so here you can tap on three dots also you can block a report profile you can just follow you can message someone uh if you want uh you can clear the search history here you can add photos you can just write a post uh so since tribal or tribal i don't know what's the correct way to pronounce it it's a smarter social network posts that have good insightful post description are more likely to get likes from other user okay got it no matter which audience you select your post will be seen by all other users as a default the audience feature simply helps users interested in the audience you select find your post quicker and then you can just right here you can select audience um [Music] so just you can see all of that so here you can just add like a humor or something or okay inspirational add photos videos you can change the background similar as on facebook here you can change public only me or friends only so it's very resembles facebook design so cad guard your tone so just for to you to show you uh so then uh you can't declare yourself a contributor to inspirational section we'll keep track of your likes and add you to the rankings so you can try it out if you want and then you are now a contributor your post has been successfully added to your profile good and now there you have it so now my post is here and then uh yeah that's the idea so of course probably like facebook or tik tok or twitter have much bigger teams and better algorithms and technology but sometimes people just want to start everything from scratch and just uh like you know go back to social media which is not controlled by like massive monopolies and stuff like that who you can't trust so probably that's the the thing behind this growing social media projects including tribal so you can nominate friends unlock your founding member badge by nominating three of your friends find friends invite your friends to join tribal their account settings privacy and security you can check out who can post on your wall who can see your photos who can send you messages all these account settings and all of that privacy security notific contributor settings you can log out find friends and then you can just add groups create a new group depending on the category so here you can just select from all these different groups you like uh and that's that's basically the idea and then you can see some people commenting on the post so you can see some comments so some i was just joking i just posted as an example post so yeah that's the idea i hope uh hope you like it and uh yeah thank you uh thank you for watching uh check out my blog and check out uh like my tiktok i often describe apps and create tutorials about interesting apps i want you to know about

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