True Mirror! - app overview & how to use

i'm just exploring what is the best true mirror app and let's try this one uh so you can see who's a developer brandon muay media and what's the point of true mirror apps so the idea is that uh if you're using uh yeah of course regular mirror flips your image so you're not really seeing what everyone else does this true mirror a true mirror the image you see is what the rest of the world sees when you look at you so if you take a selfie with built ios camera app it shows a mirror image while previewing and then flips it to true when you take your peak so you can't really see exactly what the final picture will look like but with true mirror you can do that and you know if you want to take a better selfie and stuff like that it's uh it's just better overview so for example this is a true mirror app okay but uh it's free one so there are like really long annoying okay i get it or the lap is fun so here's the app and you can see the image is flipped and if i yeah so and it's it's even a bit unnatural yeah it's uh feels a bit so then i can give access to photos and i can yeah just take a selfie here so since it does the job i can adjust lightning i can select true image save to camera but then as you can see i disable through image and this is how you see your images on iphone but that's not how it's it is like so that's like the true mirror um so yeah here you can see this is my right side i'm touching right here and this is my left ear so yeah you can see this like mirrored image so yeah that's the point of this um i think a lot of people were looking for something like this on tick tock so definitely give a try to this so okay let's just see in the photos so here is mirror and then i can see the photo and it's the same as i see it here on the image now let's take it with iphone camera and now you can see that it's flipped and i just took my selfie and now you can see that in the end iphone flips my image to the other side you kind of don't notice but the camera on iphone so here i see a right side and in true image app i see right side on the opposite side so here i see my right side so if you got the idea that's basically yeah here as you see the image in through image app that's how it will be saved on iphone so in some situation it's just better to use for selfies or some kind of photos um hope you enjoyed this quick overview give it a try

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