True Mirror apps - Flip Camera

so what is a good true mirror app I'm just doing here some search and actually here is through mirror app I tried this out it's yeah it's actually does the job pretty well it's free app there are not that many ratings but there are like rule on Annoying ads in this app it's free it's awesome but yeah the whole idea of the true mirror apps is that like if you take a selfie it will look exactly as you see it in the camera because on iPhone on iPhone if you're taking a selfie it looks a bit different uh yeah so here I can see that like here is my right hand and yeah it's you see it's it's flipped but on iPhone if I take the camera that right hand is on the right side so it makes it easier for you but in the end iPhone flips the photo and the and and result photo looks a bit different so if you want to exactly see how the photo will look like this is the true mirror app this is what true mirror app is used for uh so then this one is good then let's try this one so as you can see I can give access and then again here I see that right hand is on the left side and this app is a bit more advanced I can also uh switch the camera I can also change filters I can still mirror view so if I mirror you that's how it will look like on as on standard iPhone camera and here I don't know that's just another app or something like that so yeah also this app flip camera is free and so there are uh a lot of ads so for example here let's just take so here's my left hand uh it's even a bit unusual actually and then I just take a photo and then I just took it and it's in my camera roll so then I just go to my camera and you see that it exactly looks like as it was on the camera while if I would take it with a iPhone camera it would look opposite and here you can exactly see how it will look like and then you can maybe create a bit better structured photo like especially if you uh if you're using few people or something like that and yeah so here you can see uh how that is looking like um yeah so that's the the camera hope you enjoyed it and thank you for watching

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