TrueBill app how to install on iPhone and create an account?

okay so here is this cool app which is called true build budget and build tracker yeah so it's like uh the tracking finance app where you can track your bills track your subscriptions create some monthly budget and to install it on iphone just tap get and then just confirm with the touch id or face id and in the top charts this app is in the top charts in app store so it's like automated financial assistant and budget tracker designed to put your back in control of your money so it identifies and cancels unwanted subscription lowers your bill get refunds and fees and other charges and they claim they have saved all 100 million dollars to their members so for example this is the app and then uh yeah you can just tap to get started so yeah you have all the goals here either canceling subscription either creating a budget or lower your bills so for example yeah i just want to cancel subscriptions so let's try to create an account then you can enable touch id and then just continue and then yeah then you can just connect your accounts um so either checking account or credit cards so yeah you need to do that and that's basically done you have uh your account um so people who connect you or more accounts have an hours of 268 or more or you can add a credit card here as well so that's and then yeah when you connect your account you'll be able to see and manage your subscriptions and all of that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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