TRUTH Social app when it will be available?

hey everyone so here's and here you can pre-order app on the app store it's not available on android yet uh it's not known where there will be an android version you can join the writing list in any case but when will the app be available for everyone so if you just tap on pre-order you can see here that the app is expected to be available around 21st of february 2022 um so yeah you can just type to pre-order and it means when on february 21st the app will be automatically done downloaded to your ios device so that's about it um and yeah so that's the date when it's expected to be available for everyone until that you just need to sign up for the waiting list and maybe you'll be selected to very small number of users who got a preliminary access around november 2012 21 so just in one month so that's about it hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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