so true social app is online and available publicly but as i notice there are still few bugs and glitches it doesn't work really well at this moment as you can see the latest update is bug fixes and i think there will be more and more like bug fixes update in the future because as with any new app there are some issues which are it was just working um i'm not sure if this app had the test flight mode where you know a lot of like apps can have test flight where a lot of you are testing it out and you can encounter some bugs but i wasn't aware of this kind of test flight mode or something like that um so like some people just can't create an account so to solve that bug just first make sure that you're located in united states because i think at this moment it is only possible to create an account from united states not other country it's not possible to do this from canada or you know i don't know exactly about canada but from european union or from asia or from any other geographic location so that's that's what it is right now if you just try to do if you are traveling or something in europe for example you want to try to create an account it will just show you an error and you can do that uh or and there will be some weird glitches so that's one of the first issues uh of course for some people um like you know some verification email can not arrive or you know some verification message doesn't arrive just double check your email double check your phone number for me email the confirmation did arrive but just took a minute or something so that's that then of course if you finally try to create your account you will see that there is a massive waiting list so that's also the part of it um yup there is no version for android it's only for iphone there is no ipad version and obviously there there will be a lot of other bugs like you know like piece creating your account like for me creating an account was fine but then when i you know uh was creating account in the app i was redirected to the website and it didn't work in the website part then i just returned to the app and finished the account creation and app and that did work so all this weird bugs and i think there will be much more when the app is really open to everyone after the waiting list but in any case what you can do always is just tap on app support and basically reach out to support at and then just write them any issue if you are struggling with or any other question so that's what you can do for now also there is some help center and then you can see the status so there is status so you can see that there is some partial outage um [Music] and so there you have it so of course it's predictable that there will be some outage and then uh application launch traffic is so it's already there are some bugs due to that so probably you can just wait few hours or few days you can also subscribe to these updates here and then try a few days later and try to update the app if there are some bugs update a few days later and of course try to contact support so that's just what it is hopefully some of it was helpful and thank you for watching

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