hey everyone so here is true social app and what is that exactly so this is the trump's social media app which should be launched around february 21st 2022 and there were already a bunch of apps like parlor gutter which are kind of a social media apps on the right side on the right spectrum because some of the biggest social media apps like twitter or facebook they might be like centering some content in this area so here is the app um through you can go to this website and then you can join the waiting list so i think that number of in invitees will get the get inside of this app around november 2012 21 but this this will be just a small amount of people so you just need to join the waiting list and sign up um other than that uh yeah you can just wait also you can just tap here to pre-order your social app so just go and you will be directed to your app store and then you can just pre-order tap pre-order you don't need to pay you don't need to subscribe but then when the app is available on february 21st 2022 yeah it will automatically download your ios device there is no android version so far let's see what happens so here's an early preview of this app here's how it looks like here's a design so it looks kind of similar to twitter or to parlor or gutter so all of these apps also quite similar all of them resemble twitter basically you can find your friends you can follow the news and updates you can chat you can share and that's basically it so really a kind of minimalistic interface and yep so what it says here in the description so true social is america's big ten social media platforms that encourages an open free and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology follow the truth um so they have something about big tent approach it's about inclusivity in america there are key features profile express your unique personality by setting up a profile trust feed get the scoop on the lightest shots and activities search notifications and that's about it so this is the app you can just pre-order it via the link on that through so that's just a quick preview thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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