in this video let's go through the preview of the true social app in case you discovered and you installed it and you're just curious how to use it and what the hype is about so here is basically the app so i just followed few accounts this is how it looks like it looks very similar to twitter you just have your feed of different tweets or how they're called here truths so basically small every small text message is called a truth here um yep but like first of all how do you create an account on through social um so app was launched on the us app store back in the middle of february i think 2022 and then there was when you sign up and a lot and try to create an account then there is a waiting list that waiting list annoyed a lot of people actually because for some people it was around like a month or even more so you usually if you even sign up very early it would take you like six four six weeks at least to get an invitation into the app and then you're invited in the app and then you can basically log in and start using the app a lot of people are still stuck in the waiting list and they still can't access the app and yeah so that's basically um the issue so they just can't can use the app even if they sign up back in february but seems more and more users are back here so that is progressing so basically here is the app it overall looks quite similar to twitter because it is based on like i think part of the code is just based on some open source template but anyhow this works so here is um here is some tweet or truth you can tap on three dots you can show choose details so basically it means you will have a larger a larger overview you can see likes so you can also like it you can comment you can just basically reply um to someone and then you can just add image or video and you just reply there is 500 character limit reply there you can read throughs something like that that retros basically means similar as retweeting or resharing on facebook such as how it's called here then you can also tap to share copy a link to this post so yeah very basic uh features which you have practically on every social media but that's just essential and that's how it works you can go to any profile you can follow profile so you see i'm following i can just type follow then you can of course unfollow there are three dots here you can share profile block mute report so for example if you want to block it so i just blocked it to unblock i can go back to profile and unblock it by blocking it means that i won't see any more content from this profile and this profile won't be able to see my content as well so i disabling access for my content for like car bus for example for this profile but there is an option to mute so by muting basically i um mute the all the content from this profile but this profile still will be able to read all my content so that's basically the difference if you go to your profile here in top left you will see all the blocks all the block profile and all the muted profile which you muted and then you will be able to unblock or unmute them from from there so that's that's an overview then what what means uh so bot means that basically they imported all the content from this karbaz account probably from some other social media like from twitter or from from some rss feed and this content is automatically populated so it can be car bus but it doesn't mean that this is a real car bus account so someone from their team went on this app and created an account now and fox news recently told that actually they don't own the real fox news account on true social apps so it's not theirs just because true social app wants to grow really fast they're importing a lot of these accounts we are some rss feeds probably there are some apis or something and it just creates an illusion that all these brands are here but in fact they're not here so just important and you can see bought this account the server says feed aggregating bot and is not manageable by or affiliated with the references news outlet so it's an interesting gross tactic anyway so here you will see all the followers and then if it's about account usually you will see zero following you can see link to the website and yeah you can see also truest enterprise all the media so in the search tab you basically can see all the accounts which you can follow on the app there are profiles there are truths which are basically posts you can search and then you can search by hashtags so similar to twitter again if you want to compose your own choose or create your own like tweet here's just compose truth uh so here uh you can just write something there is 500 character limits so it's i think almost two times more than you have on twitter so you can like you have 500 characters you can write some few paragraphs and it's more like a long form tweet you can add images you can add videos and then just tap truth in the top right and then your truth your message is posted successfully so then you have alerts um alert section is basically a notification section um or yeah you know like similar some other social media someone mentioned you someone replied to you someone commented or all of that you will see all of these details here uh and all the signs of engagement will be just displayed in this feed so it's just easier to have all of that in one place then there are mentions if someone specifically mentioned or reply to you it's in a separate tab so you know this is prioritized and then if someone replied to you maybe you want to reply back and just prioritize that uh yeah so to have something like that then you have messages uh i was interested in that like messaging experience but back in march it still was saying that a new direct messaging experience will be available soon please stay tuned so it's the same status now so it's not yet available there um so that's that's the status right now so it's yeah it's not there um i don't know when it will be released or what is the status on that so yeah it should be something similar to twitter where you can send the amps and all of that but it's not available here yet then you just have your profile which is pretty standard for the uh like other social media you have your profile picture you have your banner you can edit your profile you can change your name location website you can add your big banner photo you can add your profile picture um add it in your profile this is how it looks like i don't know like so from here you are not able to change your username so it's not possible i think you need to reach out we are support to do that here on your profile you will see all the truths um okay it's actually why i'm swiping is some interesting like vibrations here in the app so that's fine okay and then you can see all your replies all your media all your retros you can see your followers um you can see people you're following and that's basically that's that so you can at any point edit your profile then you have this manual blocks and mutes you can always log out here in the bottom then there are securities and preferences um basically you can change your email change your password enable tfi so if you're concerned about your like security and privacy it's a good suggestion to enable two-factor authentication then preferences either you want to load media or not maybe depending on your like you know your sim card plan like if you have a lot of data included maybe you want to load a lot of media but then a lot of consumption of internet and also depending on your storage on your device if you have not that much storage in your device and the media will be loaded uh the true social will quickly occupy a lot of space on your device like twitter facebook easily can occupy more than gigabytes of data storage if you're using them constantly then you have all the legal aspects you can change to dark mode here you can enable disable push notifications and other options this is where you can go to delete your account so to delete your accounts you need to enter a current password and click delete account this is permanent actions it cannot be undone your account will be destroyed from this server and the deletion request will be sent to um you know to other servers so that's basically what you can do for some services though like if you delete an account and log back in during like seven or 30 days you can still log back in and your account is automatically restored i don't know about this functionality for this app if it really works like that but there you have it you can always just log out from here so that's basically in a nutshell what this app looks like this is very minimalistic at this point uh this is what you have like where all the basic features which you have for the app for the like social media app there are no some like uh like advanced premium features um there is no option to live stream video for example or to do like you know clubhouse live audio room um like you can have on twitter like twitter spaces so you can't do that here you can't be a become a super follower so you can so that you pay someone and then you see exclusive content it's not all not possible there are no newsletters um yeah or some like video meeting rooms or anything like that which you have like on facebook or stuff like that so it's like very basic app at this moment and they're just working on adding messaging features and possibilities to send dms and direct messages um yeah so that's basically it you can't also upgrade the original like some pay plan and there are no ads as well so that's basically how it works i don't know how how this app is funded probably yeah as far as as i understand it's just part of this tmtg corporation uh which probably uses some venture money or some because they did specs and basically they just have access to funds without ads so i don't know if the ads are coming here or anything about it so we will just see in the development but yet here is the app overview this is how it works this is of course if you're interested in more of these conservative accounts or accounts on the right side of political spectrum you can find and search for them here this is what the whole point of this app obviously uh that it's in a bit of opposition to more liberal twitter everyone trying to find its own like political voice and let's see how it works in these platforms so that's that

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