Truth Social (beta) - app preview, screenshots

um so here is some preview of true social beta app um so this is basically a preview screenshot of the app which how it might look like it's not out yet but there you have it there are some screenshots around internet today so there you have it this app is not available yet but you can pre-order that if you go to app store and then you can just search for through social in us app store i think it should be available for pre-order so it means you can pre-order that app um but um yep you need to search for it and then it it should be available to download like in a week or something like that in the end of february by pre-ordering it means that this app uh oops basically that this app will automatically download when uh when it's available um so if you just type true social so here it is you can see that it can be pre-ordered and here you can see the sum of the previews so this is how it can look like uh so it's some kind of mix between twitter so i think that it has super similar design to twitter and then getter which is another app and then uh yeah you can post you can message people you can follow different accounts you can see trending accounts basically it's kind of like alternative for twitter and similar it looks similar together or parallel parlor or some other apps in the category so there you have it hope it was helpful

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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