so let's explore how to create account in through social so then i'll just type create a new account then let's just go through the details so like for example like that and then let's just enter your email address we sent you an email so now i should get some email uh for yeah for that app let's checking out if this email is arriving also be sure to check in your uh folder spam folder yeah also i was trying to okay i can just tap to resend i was trying to create an account in true social app earlier but it didn't work um so probably there was some issue i don't know maybe this app is only available in united states or finally this is here so it took some time so then i just can confirm email address and then register your account so then you can just register your username then you can just add some password and then i can just tap to register file to register my account email has been verified then okay i'll just doing this through the app some one capital letter one lowercase letter you know eight eight characters uh so then i need to get verification code so it's only available in you know in united states so then i just need to select username and then i just need to agree and then i can't create it successfully so yeah so now you can see that thank you for joining your account has been created successfully due to massive demand we have placed you on our waitlist below and you're just not another number to us but your way this number is below so as you can see here it is so that's just you know the queue of the users in this app hopefully it will update so there is already 160 000 people um and yep so then if you just have your notifications enabled i think you should be notified when you are higher in the list or something like that so hope this can be helpful um so the app was just released today so probably there will be an influx of users but maybe there will uh there will be a lot of bugs and all of that so just keep that in mind thank you for watching

31-08-22 | How To Create Gmail Acco...
31-08-22 | How To Create Gmail Account and Other Information
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