i'm just going here through the true social app which is number one in social media charts and i created an account a day ago and i was number 160 000 on the list and then after a few hours got an email that i'm number 80 000 but still no no access to the tour profile yet then some users said that they created a sign up process and received a waitlist number like something like 2300 uh due to a massive demand and then they checked a couple hours later and now weightless number is much higher 93 684 instead of 2340 like how if that's working so there are like a lot of these issues and bugs and still no access to to the profile i don't know what i can do um like i was just um you know so here is the app i just see this and this number doesn't update uh even if i tap on it i might just waiting list number wasn't updated in the app i just received a separate email and then it was updated there other than that that's what it is maybe you can just reach out to support through maybe it will help

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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