Truth Social Release Date - when is it?

here is uh if you search for through social app you can already find it on app store uh it's only available on iphone and ios app stores and it's only on iphone and yep um so you can only pre-order that meaning that you can download it right now but the release date is for february 21st expected it's not guaranteed but basically that's what it's written here in the app store basically if you pre-order the app it will automatically download your device on the release date which is in the app store official date is february 21st it's not guaranteed maybe it will be changed later or something like that so this is kind of like a social media alternative social media platform to twitter and to facebook it kind of looks like twitter it also looks kind of like getter which is another app in this niche [Music] so there you have it so that's the idea hope it is helpful

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