uh so true social reservation list is still an issue for many users even if they signed up and maybe in march or something for the app some of them have have been placed uh you know on the number 100 000 or 1 million um and then it just says you're placed on the white list and you will be notified when your number comes back and some people sat there on number 2000 or something and then they just get another notification that they're on the number 80 000. then they just get notifications it's like they're over millions so the number continuously changes in their email or like you know in the app itself so and this reservation list can take you know like starting from four weeks in my case i think just for like creating videos about this app i tested it out and it took like four weeks to to get through the waiting through the reservation list and yeah so i i signed up for like at february 21st and then it's just when it was released i was like number eight thousand and then hundred sixty thousand and then it took around one month at least and then you can finally uh log in but also i'm not sure that true social app is available outside of us so there you have it i hope it just can clarify some things uh i don't know what the waiting period should be for other people maybe even like two months or something

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