TRUTH SOCIAL Something went wrong. Please try again. ERROR

hello everyone so true social app is available on the app store um so it was possible to pre-order it but now you can also just find it and open it up so yep you can create in your account like this okay it's just something went run try again um yeah i don't know what's so it still says something went wrong maybe i'll try to reload app maybe there is just you know influx of users trying to create an account here okay someone please try again later i don't know what can be done here is there a way to conduct support or something so if i just go here and try to you know tap app support and where then it's redirected so probably yeah you can just go to the app store tap on app support there and try to reach out the support but maybe that also won't be loading because i think there is just will be a lot of users during a few days and then probably you can try later um so that's what it is if you have any other suggestions just leave them in the comments below

12-11-2022 (Part-02) | Website Upda...
12-11-2022 (Part-02) | Website Update & Error Problem Information
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