hey everyone so i created an account in true social app and then there is a waiting list because yeah okay it makes sense because a lot of people are signing up so probably they don't want the app to crash and then you just receive this email thanks for joining due to high demand we have placed you on our whitelist we love you and you are not just another number your waitlist numbers above will email you when your account is ready if you enable push notification in true social mobile app will also notify your push notification so basically here is the app and then like your waiting list number is not uh yes it's not updating here but as you can see i created an account and after like after on one hour or something i received an email that your account has been created successfully and the waiting list was from 160 000 to 80 000 something so yeah that's it so something like that so probably i don't know how much time it will take for them to completely go through this list or they will open it up in a few months or few weeks or something so i don't know any details about it but let's just see

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