so here is a waitlist from true social app and sims is just not like a proper whitelist it's not working it says some people say here that i created my account four days ago i understood it was the new app and then then i was given the whitelist number 639 000. in the email it was 559 so similar with me i was like 140 60 000 uh then it was 80 000 in email and then back in four days if you're just logging into the app you can see that the waiting list number is just not updating um so and then uh so still even after weeks in my case and after two weeks you still can't access your account at least is not updated either they are writing like everyone account this user says or they are just doing nothing at all so can you gu can you guess which one is the correct option so i think yes there is just some bug or just like this stall because i was like number 80 thousand and still not any progress so seems there is just some boss in new submissions in creating your accounts or something around that i don't know all the details if you have any insight why the waiting list is taking like weeks and weeks and nothing is moving and there's a lot of bugs just leave your uh comments below

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