Truth Social WAITLIST UPDATE after 2 WEEKS!

so here is some update on true social app whitelist i just got this email i think after two weeks and the this app is live uh it says thank you for signing up we appreciate your steadily welcoming users this fast rollout allows us to identify and remedy errors real time as we onboard new users so consequently we need to ensure the platform remains stable and provides users the best experience possible so there you have it so seems it's still not available and a lot of users are still still in the white list so and after two weeks even if you were on the white list like under 100 000 users it's tall it's still not accessible for everyone so seems there's just like so many bugs and the app itself and it's glitchy and all of that so i don't know any other details but there you have it

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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