hey so here is website and now this app is also available on the web uh so now you can you can just log into this app and this app was literally introduced that you can now use it on the browser so yeah this is quite limited so we can go to like to the uh to the true social mobile app on ios so you can see here you have four tabs feed search alerts and messages here you just have feed search and notification so then you have your accounts you can add an existing account here so it's interesting then you have profile section you can see all your history you can edit your profile choose profile picture change background picture that's what you can do but you can't change your username here so uh then you have you can share your profile then there are preferences um show retro show replies you can change your theme uh there are all these settings and then there are options to delete an account but anyways this is the feed and here you can see all of the accounts you're following similar as on twitter you can retweet you can like you can comment you can create a new truth that's how they call their tweets that's how it looks like you can compose it you can attach some files images you can add some emojis and then just tap trues there is like 500 characters limit and uh uh yeah that's what you can do it's it's a bigger limit that on twitter and twitter is around like 280 characters or something but yeah this web app allows you to use through social if you are on android for example because there is no android app and before it was only only ios app so if you had an android phone like some samsung or something google pixel you won't be able to to use this app so now you can just use it via this web experience so here you can also see blocks mute so you can block someone or mute someone yeah so if you just mute someone uh you just uh you won't be able to see their content in your feed if you block someone that person also won't be able from reading your content and then there are preferences so yeah if you want to delete your account you can do it from here in the very bottom you can switch accounts so you can have few accounts and switch them you can add an existing account and that's it so like the app is like very basic at this moment the main point of this is that you can follow these people in conservative community and that's it and then you can just do like basic interactions there is no dm messaging feature there is no like you know a live audio chats or live video chats or like you know some games or like all this like additional social media stuff so it's it's not here and yeah so it's just very basic for now uh like on on mobile app you can see there is messaging tab but it says new direct message experience will be available soon please stay tuned but it's it's not available yet here um so yeah that's basically what it is at the moment so go to the website and you can create an account i don't know if this app is available though outside of outside of your ass or because if you're traveling or if you're in europe or australia i don't even know what about canada i don't think you will be able to access this app from those countries uh especially ios mobile app the website maybe it's less protected or something maybe you can access it from there so try it out you don't need yeah so you can just create your account with uh his email with phone number before there was like a huge waiting list where you needed to wait like two months to get access to that now it's it's uh shorter so yeah that's the overview hope this is helpful

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