Trying out the NEW BING with ChatGPT - quick overview

so I'm just trying out the new uh being with charge GPT and yeah here you just can see how it looks like you can just read Around the new PIN is like having a research assistant personal planner and Creator partner at your side whenever you search the web is this set of AI part features you can ask your actual questions when you ask complex questions bin gives you the title detailed replies get an actual answers and gives you yeah you can just get like a quick summarized answer based on the search results and then you can just be like ask for some inspiration ask to write some blog copy or something like that and the best way to use the new bin is you just need to to ask like as a real person includes more details and more clarification and then for example I'm planning introduce my friends in September Road beaches are with three hour flight from London heater then follow up with something like what should we do when we get there so you don't shorten the search queries as you do now probably it's like uh buzzed beaches in London or something sees the advice or yeah just you know the search short search queries if you're Googling right now um so yeah instead you just try to to use the search engine like a chatting with the real person just a bit weird but probably that's just like the future of this technology uh ask directly for tips on how to interact with Bean what can you do can you help me with this and then you just continue the conversation just like in a real like chat in WhatsApp or messenger and then you can just see how that the new bin generate responses um so yeah there you have it um that's basically the idea and yeah you can just sign up for the white list here if you just go to on desktop you should be presented with this new option to try out the new being so here that is and yeah that's just a new being um it's not yet available to everyone so you just need to sign up for the white list and let's see how much time will it take when they open it up it's not available on IOS app or Android however like the Bing app is really skyrocketing in the app store right now but it's not available on IOS app yet it's only on desktop and then you just can try it out with uh yeah with like few example queries something like that especially again if you just uh if you just write in this long uh long tail queries and then you will see your uh responses generated inside bar like this uh so that's pretty cool and then actually you can see all of this learn more and then you can see some additional websites which are available here uh yeah for a lot of Publishers maybe that's not like the the good thing because actually their content is being used at least there is some kind of attribution to that that's cool but yeah like imagine if you have like some uh you know you're writing about the uh places to go within London Heathrow uh uh and then yeah um then it's not like uh like your content is just being pulled out from the website and then there is just little anchor here but anyhow for for the user it's kind of uh easier to uh to have that and then yeah you just continue to just tap let's chat and then you just have it here but again it's not yet available uh you just need to stay in the white list and let's see when it will be available for everyone and on all devices and desktops um so yeah that's basically just a quick overview just yeah you can go to and try it out as well um so yeah hope that is helpful

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