Trying to post a BeReal. Is it BUGGY?

i'm trying to post a video here and figure out if there are any bugs and stuff like that so i just do that i just try to post it here and then here seems seems it's it's fine and then yep that's how it works and that's that um but like okay so then what happens if you don't send this photo you won't be able to take another one so what happens actually if you're out of time as you can see these numbers are now blinking red it means i'm out of time and then it means if i just delete and not send this photo i won't be able to take another one so that's basically the idea um yeah um [Music] so you only can send or for example let's try to discard and then if i want to post a liberal weight i still can do that right so let's try it out and then i was still able to pause that one so that's kind of strange but yeah there you have it um hope this was helpful i still don't know all the features of the be real it's kind of it's sometimes it's a little buggy but that's what it is

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