Tryst app overview - what is it?

so what is trista app so recently it starts to go up in in charts and this app is like stranger chat application it's not available on on ios on iphone so it's only on android devices so it helps you to chat and meet with random strangers the app was uh released back in 2019 as you can see but yeah it's gaining some tractions recently i don't know maybe there was some viral tick-tock video or something like that but let's just go to okay if you just search here in the in the google play store so maybe this is the app here no okay i don't think that's the one uh uh so uh yup i think this is this is the app uh app network which you can discover um yeah i don't have any like overviews uh so if you have any more details around it like feel free to leave it in the comments below

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