TurboTax app: File your tax return - how to create an account?

so here is Turbo Tax app which is one of the most popular apps to file your tax return and yeah this is an app I think out by now by into it um and then yeah so this is like the the one quite popular apps you can do your taxes file on your own live experts can help and then they can just do taxes for you and then you can get maximum refund guaranteed get every dollar you deserve so if you do all your like taxes forms right which can be pretty complicated you can just scan actually and snap your text documents in this app enter some simple questions get on the call with some text expert easily import investment info like from binance coinbase crypto Robin Hood and then yeah just easily fill it all out and you can just easily simplify your tax process you can see 800 000 ratings here it's like pretty well known app and it's pretty reliable app I could say it's constantly in the top charts so one of the best choices out there um it's free edition available for simple tax returns only so that yeah here uh refund estimate estimate bison filing status and number of dependents outcome may vary so so yeah uh and then you can just start for free how did you do your taxes last year uh then let's find the right solution I want to maximize deductions and credit I own a home have a job I paid rent so then you just you can see the prices available full service assisted Deluxe or do it yourself free edition see if you qualify so you can just see if you really qualify for that and then you can just basically tap to start for free here so uh you're allowed to send and then yeah you can just send a lot of notifications allowed to track and then you can just create an account here and then you can sign up user phone or you can use your user email ID and phone and then just create an account so that's how you get started that's what you can expect from this app and yeah one account you can then also use it at Credit Karma at QuickBooks Turbo Tax it's all owned by Intuit which is like pretty huge like finance software with all these like elements either credits or tax reports and all of that so just try it out

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