here is app turn signal it's growing in charts as you can see it's in the top charts in lifestyle um [Music] and yeah it's been featured in media over and over um so yeah what this app is about so basically it provides a very fast way to reach out an attorney in case you're in some kind of situation where you need that and you can do it via video call so for example if you're an accident or like something like that and you just been pulled over you can instantly call attorney just from this app so you don't need to write uh you know some emails or just find like how how should i find a lawyer or something or any situations so basically if you if you're in the situation where you instantly need someone so and you don't have real time to you know do your research and for hours let's ask friends what is a good lawyer or something but you just at least you need at least some advice but very quickly so you can use this app so let's just open it up so to create an account it's super easy just enter your email and passwords you can do it and then just confirm with your email and that's it it takes like 30 seconds and then you're in you're in the app you just need to give permissions for your camera your microphone and know your location and this is basically the home screen of the app where you can call your attorney so for example you can just tap i'm going pull over okay and then you can also do like an airplay so or you can just tap i've had an accident and then you can try to reach out to your attorney here but anyways probably because i'm just doing a demo of this app there are some bugs uh or maybe because i'm located in europe right now so probably because of that because i think this app at the moment it only works in us but here is just the logic yes so you just have your profile um so you just okay let's try it out again you can say a profile by the way here also you can delete your profile if you think it's uh you don't need that okay so probably it's just because your geo location should be in this specific state and yeah by the way you can't use this app if you are traveling so it's only if you are located physically with your phone in united states you can use this app then you can also invite other people by typing in top right and then even without that there are some like quick faqs so you can know your rights in the specific states or you can log in and now some of your rights there do's and don'ts so you can do some basic rights you can read some articles and things you should be aware of um so yeah there you have it uh you can edit your profile invite invite friend you can also see your call log so if you did already some calls you can see them here seeing there is a limitation of course of how many minutes you can speak with your attorneys and they will be selected randomly i think and then you will of course need to upgrade so that's basically that that's the app that's how it should work so definitely give it a try if you're in this kind of situations it says turn signal is the fastest grown illegal guidance app for drivers when you are pulled over by law enforcement or in auto accident turn signal provides on demand guidance from an attorney or video call turn signal has recovered cover 24 7 legal guidance industry leading the video connection automatically records the full interaction using your phone's camera recording of encounter immediately saves to your personal cloud full recording remains available to download for up to 30 days and it was featured in a lot of media and yeah it's not only it's not available in europe but it's also available in specific states you can always reach out to info at turnsignal.com for any support or all of that average rating is pretty high however there are just 39 ratings so yeah at the moment california is not available as well um [Music] so maybe we can just select other state just for the sake of this demo okay anyway so yeah i think it's a nice idea but the app is quickly rolling out and uh it's still not there yet but there are a lot of updates and development so definitely give it a try it should probably should work in your state and thank you for watching

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