TurnSignl app - how to create an account?

okay so here is the app which is called turn signal and it's grown in charts in the lifestyle category so as you can see in the top 100 apps in lifestyle and this app is the fastest growing legal guidance app for drivers so when you are pulled over by law enforcement or an auto accident so this app just provides legal advice via video call 24 7 365. so basically you just always can have attorney in the passenger seat uh so with this app you can protect your civil rights and yeah and do it with via video call not just via email which can take like you know hours to respond or we are some chat but just instantly you can connect with some lawyer in some specific situations and it can be some crucial help so let's just go through the app so here we have the app and i can uh yeah okay let's just try to create an account so i'll just try to do something like this so then you just need to select state and then i can just use some strong password i can also set referral code so now i need to i need to open my email and then there should be some verification email or something like that maybe it can arrive in your junk folder okay so let's just tap next so [Music] so then you can just select and then okay so the turn signal foundation will whether the cover okay then seems you can also get this app like discounted for some period but of course then you need to pay and then you need to give access to all of these features and then still you need to confirm your email so here it is finally so you just need to tap confirm your email like that it took like few minutes for it to arrive and then arrived okay so now your email is confirmed and now you have your account created so yep that's basically the app and now just in the app if if you have an accident or something you can just call attorney from here or if you had an accident yeah so that's you can call after that so that's basically the app you also have some basic faq rights uh for your civil legal uh rights in different states do's and don'ts you can edit your profile uh you can delete your account if you yeah call log terms and privacy and all of that so that's the app hope it is helpful

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