TutorEva Math Solver app - full overview

hey there so here's Twitter Eva Mass follower app and yeah it's kind of has this interesting layout it's that's why it's kind of different to all other my software apps it's in horizontal mode so then scan uh like be just start with this one so I want to just take a photo and I can rotate it and I can just crop it and then I can just adjust it and then this app is just analyzing the problem and then I should see some kind of solution here a while and yeah so you have it and then it's like step solution um and then you can click on this these question marks and then you will just have more around it uh yeah so that so you also have like expert help so all kind of masks and then you can just go here and select all of it and yeah so that's basically the idea here you can also yeah user daily check in focus and then you also have here and you have miles so it kind of feels like a game so that's the cool thing about this app you don't feel like you're solving some boring Mass homework no you're just playing playing some game and then you can just doing daily check-ins and then uh you can just get some bonuses and then you can just chat with this animal tutor you can then also select your level and want to you can then just upgrade uh I guess you need to upgrade if you want to ask experts and solve all my problems and then you can just see in the have nine and for one month so you have all of that so yeah that's the idea hope you enjoyed this

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