Tweet views are now visible to everyone! New feature

hello so here is a new feature on Twitter you can see publicly now Twitter views so now if you just go to any tweet on the left side you will see this graph like next to the reply button it's called views times this tweet was seen on Twitter it can take a few minutes for the view count to appear so yeah and then you can just see like the interesting stats like number of Twitter views uh how many of those retweeted how many quote tweeted and how many like and then you can see kind of like a conversion like that point four percent like zero four percent of people who saw it with liked it very cool and then you can see like yeah just number of views and then you can see that actually Twitter generates quite a serious reach before this feature of course uh uh was available but only for Creator yourself so if you're if you tweet then you can just go to like Twitter analytics tab and then yeah just somewhere here in settings and especially on the Mac and then you can see the full stance but now it's just available for everyone so super cool feature

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