Twitch Guest Star mode - what is it?

so here is some new gas star mode in twitch which can let anyone turn their stream into a talk show so i just read it on techcrunch so in case you are using twitch and you know this is like the biggest live streaming website out there so the company is announcing gas star and new features that will tie into existing streaming software and then as through gas star streaming will be able to invite invite anyone visit which account to hop into a stream from desktop or twitch mobile app uh creators can host and manage their guests directly within twitch studio or obs as a tool of choice for many of the apps more advanced streamers um and then so the feature will launch first to a small invite only cluster retweet users and then uh by false streamers who want to try gas star will be able to sign up for a bada and will be granted access on an ongoing basis um so yeah it's kind of like a new feature there is also two squad stream feature where you can stream four people together so yeah that's the idea interesting to see that um it suggests that the twitch is widening its focus from its top earning creators um to all creators hope this is helpful

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