Twitter adding PODCASTS - preview

hello so Twitter is adding podcasting into this platform and this redesign introduces personalized hubs for users called stations the group content together by some different topics such as news music Sports and More I'm just reading here through the TechCrunch and now you will be able to access personalized selection of live and recorded spaces and these hubs will also feature the most popular podcasts from around the world so for example here is some preview in the spices tab which is in the in the bottom middle you will tap and you will access either live spaces which is like live audio chats but also like some podcasts like on Spotify which you can see here for example pivot and all of that once you come across podcast you can give a podcast a thumbs up or thumbs down to let Twitter know if content is interesting to you and once you open space step you will see three sections the top of the top will show you stations you scroll horizontal and shift case different themes and topics to listen to below that you will see spices Spotlight which lists some of the top created audio content and then you will see a list of upcoming spaces um so yeah Twitter was testing this podcast Edition for the latest several months uh and people were already noticing that so it isn't exactly like a surprise so here you will you would see that in the uh that uh there will be like podcast tab in the in the Twitter app uh so yeah that's basically that uh initial test indicated that Twitter was working on dedicated podcast app but today's launch shows that Twitter is instead interested in making podcasts a part of spices instead of giving them their own home on the platform so this better release is just visible to group of global English-speaking audiences on IOS and Android starting just like two days ago from when this video is published so uh so Twitter says his internal Research indicates that 45 percent of people who use Twitter in the US also listen to podcasts monthly so now the company will automatically suggest podcasts to help users discard content by some topics they're interested in um so there you have it some of the also some previews here how it might look like it's pretty fun it starts to look like Spotify and it's definitely trying to tap into this audio space with live audio conversations recorded conversations and now podcasts uh also like uh twitters entrance into the world comes as mad as Facebook recently shut down its podcast service barely a year after its launch so there you have it hope this is helpful

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