Twitter allows dms only from people you follow + verified users

Twitter allows DMs only from people you follow + verified users

Twitter has quietly made a change to its messaging settings, affecting everyone's accounts. The new default setting now only allows direct messages (DMs) from people who you follow, as well as verified users. This means that if you have a large Twitter following, you may notice a significant decrease in DMs. However, fear not, as you can easily adjust this setting to your preference.

To modify your DM settings on Twitter, follow these simple steps. First, go to the "Settings" tab. Then, navigate to the "Privacy and Safety" section. From there, click on "Direct Messages". This will bring you to the option where you can customize your DM settings.

Within the DM settings, you have a few options available. You can choose to allow messages from everyone, allowing unrestricted access to your DMs. Alternatively, you can select the option to only allow messages from verified users who have been officially verified by Twitter. Lastly, you also have the choice to disable DMs entirely if you prefer not to receive any private messages.

It is important to note that by default, the setting is to allow messages only from people who you follow. This ensures that your followers are still able to message you without any restrictions. However, with the new update, anyone who is verified can also send you DMs.

Twitter's decision to update the DM settings aims to enhance user privacy and reduce unwanted direct messages. By limiting access to DMs, users can have more control over who can reach out to them privately. This change is particularly beneficial for those with a large following who may have experienced a flood of unsolicited messages in the past.

Whether you decide to maintain the default setting or modify it to suit your needs, Twitter's updated DM settings provide you with greater flexibility and control over your messaging experience.

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