hello everyone so i'm just looking through the feet of chain mansion one so follow her on twitter it's super interesting insights basically twitter is working on twitter articles and the ability to create not just a tweet with limited characters but just the whole article and this is a possibility of new long form format on twitter and this is how it will look like you will see twitter articles button somewhere on the sidebar um so yeah people are asking it'd be cool if review newsletters could be written published from within the twitter app um so yeah interesting some people write interesting if it kills medium i have always thought that peter should have required medium it makes so much sense and there were original variety tightly integrated so medium is founded by abb williams if i'm not mistaken mistaken and williams was one of the twitter co-founders i guess um so yeah but i guess like because you know a lot of content and text content just basically uh they're all attention switched to mobile i don't know like only probably some developers or some like old-school journalists looking through the desktop laptops and all of that so all the information goes through twitter not twitter just mobile apps social media apps and yeah on twitter it was just like a short form format but now it's probably they also try to catch on form um yeah and it makes sense like sometimes i don't want to switch from twitter to some other website and just you know go to linkedin or like to read the article it was really nice and if there is like a seamless experience uh to just read it in twitter and then here is some other tweet from giant mansion one that that this editor just basically looks like a twitter twitter composer just like if you're writing the same tweet but now you can just write more so nothing nothing special you don't have like you know rich like text editing tools like no wordpress or ghost or anything like this where you can just add more pictures or you know like some editing and some specific stuff so that's basically how it looks right now hope that is helpful

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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