so here is some early preview of interesting feature by twitter which is called beard watch so you can go and follow at beardwatch empowering people on twitter to create a battery in for informed world as you can see the account was created on october 2020 and yep uh so basically the idea of of this tool is if there is some controversial tweet or tweet that requires more verification users of twitter so no not some like moderation team on twitter can suggest what can be what can be improved and explanations and fact checks below popular controversial tweets from hand selected users this is what twitter users will see so for example uh if you have access and your hand selected by twitter to do that so here and there is some tweet and then it says only visible to beard watch contributors and then it will say help help write notes submitted by beardwatch contributors and then that's basically it and then in in that if you tap on that you will see that beard watchers can write other uh other notes from beard watchers so is this not helpful and then uh yeah you can select and write different different notes which people of the just basically twitter users uh submitting so then what was helpful about it what was unhelpful about it and then you just submit and then basically you will see you will see this feedback if there is enough enough feedback below some controversial tweets then there are some other conversations important users are not hand selected randomly admitted these people automatically earn an influence if their contributions are rated helpful by a wide range of people including those who typically disagree we want it to be open with the people determining what's helpful plus all bird watch contributions are made publicly available and the ranking algorithm is open source in github so people can study audit help improve it so you can just see that uh there uh so this this is kind of like a uh this is the overview and then uh this is like the original preview so then for example if you have this tweet you will see some questions given current evidence i believe that this tweet is misleading or not misleading does it contain manipulation or not if this tweet were widely spread this machine would like be believed by fewer money if money believes this with it might cause different outcomes and then you can see just an example of these questions uh so yes these are the screens so interesting feature let's see how it develops especially after elon acquired twitter will this feature continue to exist but interesting development

Oriole captured by Wingscapes BirdC...
Oriole captured by Wingscapes BirdCam Pro
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