Twitter BLUE error - will be available in your country in future

hey so when you're trying to upgrade to Twitter blue uh and you're not in in specific countries you might get error like say thank you for your interest Twitter blue will be available in your country in the future please check back later okay so that's basically what it is uh uh Twitter blue is a new feature uh well it's not new it's just upgraded updated feature uh from Elon Musk where you can pay additional four dollars and then you will get like so now it costs like eight dollars so previously it was like four dollars since I understand now it's cost eight and you can get this verification badge but it still doesn't work and it only works in specific countries I just wanted to show just to see the list of specific countries you can just go to Twitter uh updates so here you can just see that so if you just open your Twitter and then you can see view version history and then there you have it here you can see this available in US Canada Australia New Zealand and the UK I don't know exactly what that means is it like that you need to be located in these countries this is your internet should be like IP address in those countries should your like Twitter account be registered for example visualize phone numbers something like that so this is just like an overview uh yeah I'm not sure yet

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