so when you try to connect your nft profile picture to twitter for some people it just doesn't work so first of all you should be on the twitter blue subscription so what is that uh it's like a premium subscription for twitter you need to pay 299 per month and then you get access to labs and then you can get access via labs to this nft feature which is like a better feature um so that's basically it but for some people uh when they try to connect the wallet it just doesn't work so you need to sub it asks to subscribe again uh so when the person was already subscribed so the person says that uh the issue was solved after uh after you cancel your subscription and then it worked so you need to just basically subscribe cancel your subscription and then resubscribe again so that's what i found out your twitter's reds um so there you have it so to show off that you need to pay 2.99 per month and then uh sometimes you need to subscribe that doesn't work delete your subscription and then subscribe again something like that yeah hope it's helpful

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