in this overview let's go through the new Twitter feature which is called Twitter Circle so when I try to create my tweet today I've seen this pop-up to use Twitter circles what is that so basically that's ability to share your Tweet just to limited the number of people so not to make it private not to say like only share to someone who mentioned you or something like that but just your Twitter Circle so you can choose up to 150 people to include in your Twitter Circle then you can only tweet to only them only a typical Circle can see and reply to this uh tweet and then if you want to edit this Twitter Circle you can always do that so here in your left sidebar you can see it so that's your Twitter Circle it says new to the right tab I just uh yeah so there you have it so here I can just add some people to my Twitter Circle like for example I can add a few accounts and then that's how I added them and now I can see these people in my Twitter Circle super straightforward and then I can just tap in the top right and then I can just change where it says public and here I can change my audience and then here I can write something like that and then in the moment in the bottom you will see this lock where it says only a Twitter Circle can view and reply it's also possible to um I don't know if it's possible to use Twitter circle with spices but it's definitely possible to create audio messages add gives pulse and everything just to your Twitter Circle uh so that's basically that um so yeah something around it and then you you can just tweet it so I just tweet this um this is how it looks like it says only people in my Twitter Circle can see this tweet um yeah so that's the idea uh again Twitter circle is a way to send twist to select people and share your sauce with a smaller crowd you choose who is in your Twitter Circle and all these individuals you have added can reply to and interact with the tweets you share in the circle here in The Help Center you can see all the FAQs all the interesting questions around it how many people can you include in your Twitter soccer who can be in a Twitter Circle when should you choose Twitter Circle can I have more than one who can see my Twitter Circle tweets can you edit your Twitter Circle tweets Twitter Circle tweets can be edited if you are part of the limited task group is access to the added tweet feature you'll only be able to add the tweets you can post on sounds with audience sent to everyone two third circles not the same as future communities that was another new feature released to Twitter um uh so people Circle members can't use their Retreat icon to share a Twitter Circle tweets um so yeah if you don't want um um to yeah to use Twitter Circle you can just default to public and yeah something like that um so yep that's basically that and then you can always just delete your Tweet um and do all the stuff with it as you can see Twitter Circle twist can't be retweeted so that's just a difference hope overall this is helpful this is a interesting new feature before Twitter release features such as only the people who you mentioned can reply or you can post some kind of like a private tweet this is an ax development in this direction let's see how it works out or if it becomes popular or something like that so I'm using a Twitter IOS app this is iPhone so I'm using iPhone I'm not subscribed to any paid service like Twitter blue so it's available on just my regular free Twitter app um I'm located in Europe right now so maybe it's already rolling out all around the world because some features are just being rolled out in us first or to some selected users that feature should be available pretty soon to you so try it out just update Twitter app and try to create a new tweet and you should see it

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