TWITTER COMMUNITIES - FULL GUIDE. HOW TO USE? Everything you should know

so let's explore the twitter communities which is a new feature and i just tried it out it looks super fun and interesting so as you can see in the bottom i have six tabs so by default you usually have five tabs like home search spaces notifications and messages but now i also have the sixth tab which is communities so how to get access to twitter communities basically what i did i just followed i just joined one community i just found someone on twitter sharing the link to to their twitter community you can also just search on their profile and then you will be able to to join that and the moment you join you will have this tab open this is how it looks like so you have a separate feed for the communities if you join a community all the it's not like a twitter list so if you the community has 800 people it doesn't mean that you follow all the people in that community so for example i joined community about web 3 i can see that there are 260 members but i don't follow any of them i just joined the community by the way i can also invite members to the community there is a limitation of five invites so to invite other people i can just search them by username and invite someone uh you need to be able to send the amp to that profile to invite that person to community when you have a community tab you can just tap search for a community and you will be in discover tab where you can discover communities you can search for anything around your topic so something like that and then you can just see the community and to join the community just just tap join you can see more about the rules and all of that so for example here is the interesting community i just joined it to basically to leave the to leave the community and then you can just tap leave this community uh then there are members i can just type here i can see all members i can follow them or and then there are moderators so here you can see moderators of the community you can see all the people you can follow some of them you can search for the people and actually it can be a really nice marketing trick to do so you can do marketing you know in facebook groups in linkedin groups now there are also twitter communities but of course yeah it's super healthy not to spam and just try to maintain twitter communities as high quality and this will also benefit everyone so here you have home you have community info um so basically here you can see all the rules you can see all the ideas for the shows reactions you can see the rules you can see moderators and that's it if you want to post the community this is what you can do you can post text content you can post audio message or picture you can choose audience and basically you can select from the communities you are part of to where you want to post and that's basically it and yeah if you post to community if you post to community uh this post won't be displayed on your mind feed it will only be displayed on community of course dependent again if you select this setting here not to post to everyone but just post your community and again if you follow join the community it doesn't mean that you follow 800 members and this post from community won't appear in your home field yeah this would be a bit of crazy like you know if you follow communi join the community with three thousand people and then you follow all these people it's yeah would be annoying but no this is not how it works basically you just have community tab and then you see all the tabs all the content here from that i don't know if it's possible to mute the community or to block or you know like something like that but yeah this is uh that's that uh so for example here we can go to this podcast um i can read about about uh so that's that here are the communities and actually you can create your own community um so i already did that so to create your own community when you join here you can you can tap in top right you will see like a person icon to create your own community i think i don't see it now because i already created one so i think there is a limit of communities which you can create um [Music] so let's just see so okay so here's my community i just created i will just see here so here are the members i want to invite some other people here so i just invited my other account here and then that's what you can do and then you can set up someone as moderator you see settings you see your community name i just created it you can see that your community purpose color theme membership type so if you create your own community you can control who can join your community keep in mind all communities are visible to around twitter you can create open community anyone can join or be invited or restricted people must ask to join and then what team must approve those requests people invited by them what team are automatically approved so you can do that so yes this is an overview in case you want to create your own you don't need to pay anything again you don't need to be on twitter blue plan or like some upgrade upgraded subscription so that's basically how it works then there is when you created your communities there is a community checklist you can review your rules you can personalize your you can invite members you can tweet about your community and then here is about section uh and then yeah it can be super helpful and this feature of tweezer is really growing quite fast a lot of people are joining and i was like actually looking for feature like that because i want for example to follow some people interested in web3 like i can do it manually just searching on twitter i can search for some twitter lists but then again i'm following all the people about it and that there are messages like messed up with other messages on my home feed then i can follow topics but then again these topics are messed up with other topics and here if you're in community you can just go for example webstreet community and then you will see only content related to that and then you can see all the audio messages all the spices just everything related to that one area overall this is how it works um [Music] hope this is helpful um so definitely give it a try definitely check it out i will explore more probably will do another overview after some periods when i use this feature if it is helpful or not but i think it has a great potential and let's see how it evolves

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