Twitter CoTweets - what is it? Preview

so here is some yearly preview of a new feature from twitter which is called code tweet so this accounts matt navarro alessandro palusia just testing it out so that's a new feature from twitter you have been invited to share ownership of a tweet if you accept a code it will be published showing you both as co-authors you can remove yourself anytime got it so that's basically how you can create uh [Music] core ownership tweets and like basically tweet these co-authors that's a new feature which is being tested it's not live yet it's just been developed so i don't know when it will be live and all of that and then uh then someone can send you a twitter code which request in your twitter notification so basically if someone is writing a tweet and they want to add like a co-author then can send an invitation so they can send it to you and then this is how it will look like and then you can accept or decline to become a causer in a tweet so you have been invited to be together with a call tweet so that's kind of that so that's a new feature i don't know how it works so imagine like you know you write in a tweet and it's kind of like a google doc where you can create the suite together and then you will be like two authors on their tweet or something like that so that's a new feature i don't know when it will be out will will it be a free feature or it will be included as part of twitter blue like paid subscription so you will need to pay for that but anyhow quite interesting i think it's also interesting that twitter recently releases so many updates like this and uh yeah there are like literally like every month there is some major update and a lot of the testing so many new features so that's exciting

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