Twitter Flock/Twitter Circle feature - what is it? Preview

so here are some interesting insights so there is this uh uh influencer on twitter sharing some interesting news alessandro paluzzi follow him so he just wrote that twitter keeps working on twitter circle here is some on boarding screen one want to share something with the smaller crowd twitter circle lets you send tweets to only the people you choose and then yep so that's that i don't know if the final name is twitter circle or twitter flock here is some other previews here's some other twitter icon so basically if you tap tweet in the top right you can just select either everyone or like you know twitter vlog so which is like a specific audience of people here are some other previews add people to your flock you can choose to add 150 people to include in twitter vlog share content privately uh only people in your twitter floor can view and reply to your tweets update your list any time i want to edit your twitter circle go for it people won't be notified if you remove them small update after the twitter flock works so you can just add people to your flock you can just update at least anytime and you know uh all of that uh so yeah it's interesting development so overall you can choose up to 150 people to include your twitter vlog people won't be notified if you remove them from the list um yeah interesting idea other than that it also was called like trusted friends uh i think you already can uh like if you send a twitter you can only limit responses to it only to to the to the followers or people you follow or something i forgot but yeah here you can yeah so people you follow can reply or only people you mentioned can reply so this is the feature so that's that uh but maybe this feature already had some in good engagement and they now have this uh so uh yeah interesting to see how it will develop twitter flocked with the circles so let's see thank you for watching

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