TWITTER NFT profile picture DOESN’t work - what to do?

hello so what to do if you can't connect twitter nft so recently maybe you can see more and more people which have this nft crypto profiles which are verified now via openc or some other some other marketplaces hopefully so for some people it just doesn't work so first just update the twitter app and reopen it again and then hopefully you should see this pop-up introducing nft profile pictures so i don't know if it depends on the version of your phone or it works on iphone on or android so just first i think it should work on iphone and it should work on the lightest models if you own android or super old like uh iphone where you can't update twitter probably that won't work from a start then the next requirement is that this feature is not available for free twitter users this feature is available for blue like twitter blue users so you need to upgrade to that service first so it should be available somewhere in your settings like if you go to your like for me even twitter blue is not available so twitter blue is only available in the united states i guess and then uh you should be able to subscribe there and it's 2.99 per month so for example let's just let's just investigate so twitter blue so um so there you have it that's the offering i'm talking about so here you have a lot of features and one of the features is called labs and then in labs you will be able to enable this twitter blue but again so as you can see it's not available everywhere but it should be available in more countries soon but if you don't have it you just won't be able to connect nft so then when that is solved then there is another issue is basically um some people who just upgraded to twitter blue are asked to resubscribe again when they are trying to add nft so what they did as i read here on twitter you just need to uh like uh cancel your subscription subscribe again and try again to connect your nft so that worked for some people and some people had an issue where they just subscribe to twitter blue and then when they're connecting their wallet or something it asks them to subscribe again but they just subscribed so there is some bug there or something like that hopefully it'll be resolved soon and then you just basically yep you have your nft um then you just follow these steps you should tap on upload photo and in when you're editing and user profile and then you should see choose nft so if you see that then everything is fine you have this feature enabled and it should work for you so then you just see this show your possessions then you just connect your wallet coinbase wallet rainbow metamask laser live argent trust wallet and then just connect it and now you can choose nft from recent nfts or some collections and then just tap and did it and now your new hexagonal only c profile images live so that's that's about it um so follow this thread follow cantina.html it's a cool thread here but there are a lot of bugs right now so i try to explain what are the steps what are the solutions to this box if you have any other problems just leave it in the comments below

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