here once so twitter seems just introduced uh nft profile pictures so they rolling out this update across uh some uh profiles in united states i guess but i think maybe it will be rolled out across many more profiles soon so what it says you can see this notification uh sometimes when you open your twitter app and it's updated so what is nft and if these shortfun and fungible tokens are digital items that you own proof of ownership is stored on a blockchain a digital database that is publicly accessible only three profile pictures are displayed in a special hexagonal shape to choose a nft zero profile picture you must connect your crypto wallet so then you can just choose nft so i guess how that will work for example you have metamask wallet which is one of the most popular ones and then you bought some nft like crypto pass cardboard apps for example so uh you just bought that using your metamask and it's tied to your like uh ethereum address on on a meta mask and then here you can just then connect your metamask account in twitter and then probably if you have some nft is connected to that account you will be able to choose uh so that's how it might work i didn't receive any notification yet to my profile picture but then here you can see uh that i just clicked on some nft profile picture which is in hexagonal shape so and in my case nothing happens and then i just have nft details so then i just see collection i can see properties contract address blockchain ethereum uh and then you there is just a link to open c and then you can see all of that i don't know like which nft scan you select which like marketplaces like can you select wearable can you select uh treasure nft like magic or you know or it's only open c uh probably that there will be more out of there but yeah if you just see this hexagonal uh profile picture that's there you have it so now there is hexagon club um something like that but as you have seen i just click on that profile picture and in my case i didn't have an option to connect wallet uh probably it's coming soon so hope that is helpful

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