Twitter Official label REMOVED - feature that existed less than a day

however one so there are a lot of developments on Twitter right now so they just released and removed the feature literally in one day the speed of development is really like crazy so here as you can see under case high profile at KSI you can see that uh there is Twitter blue verification badge and then in the bottom there is a badge and it says official so that was the feature the very short-lived feature in Twitter where like if you were verified below now you also have this official badge but now it is gone so uh so yeah uh so you would be able to see that that you are official and then um yeah just under your Twitter handle you would see that at official Edition in addition to Twitter blue check mark and the creators who are testing to see it and then this feature was just removed uh so now uh yeah it was just removed literally in one day but it still appears uh for some accounts so for Marcus Burnley it was also appearing uh it's now gone so here how it looked like on your profile so it was just a Twitter official so it it's kind of was a replacement for original blue check mark because now if you pay for Twitter blue you will get this blue check mark but uh yeah it's not released yet but that's the plan but but now it's gone so that's like uh that's what's happening a lot of a lot of developments a lot of uh yeah update here um yeah so that's basically how how it works uh and there were like uh there were like two verified checks one that shows next to your Twitter and replacement tweets and everywhere else it means you're a Twitter blue subscriber the other one official only shows up on certain profiles and then timeline and it was a replacement so people actually didn't like it they were like trolling it what what's going on and as you can see some profiles were like that you can actually fake it uh pretty easily and maybe it wasn't the best idea and other people were like this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever so that's basically that uh as you can see uh yeah uh now it's gone uh and then just uh Elon Musk tweeted please note that Twitter will do lots of numb things in coming months we'll keep what work can change what doesn't so that's that's it and a lot of people actually like it when uh yeah you just do stuff uh like very quickly and the shipping speed of a kilo mask is super super fast uh so yeah let's see what's happening in future

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