Twitter Reply DOWNVOTES - quick preview

hello everyone so did you know that twitter is actually working on downloads maybe it is already released um and basically here is the the preview so there will be downwards for twitter replies so i'm not sure if these are for all twitter reports but maybe just for replies so you just need to tap a reply to download see a reply that isn't adding to the conversation let us know by downvoting downloads are private your words aren't public and won't be shared visit with author or other on the timeline help make twitter battery feedback helps us prioritize higher quality content for and everyone on twitter so something like that so basically uh yeah i don't think you will see the number of downloads under twitter replies uh so i think it's like similar to dislikes on youtube so you'll you you have a dislike button on youtube but you just don't see the number of dislikes it's just used in the uh youtube algorithm similar here maybe if your reply has a lot of downloads it won't be pushed by algorithm or maybe uh i don't know if you will be blocked or like you know maybe your reply just will get much less impressions so something like that um hope it is helpful so i don't know if that like the twitter dumb was i included in the in the like twitter blue or is rolling out to everyone or it's only rolling out to spell active influencers in us or something like that so if you have any other insights just let me know in the comments

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