#TwitterAnniversary feature overview

so what is twitterversary uh here if you just tap on your notifications tab you can see that there is some notification about your twitter anniversary where you can just celebrate with a special tweet for you is basically this means that you have been some round date on on your twitter so this is how it looks like you've joined twitter with this account seven years ago share the big day with others in your twitter community and then you can just tap celebrate visit tweet my twitter anniversary and that's you can post it you can select everyone you can select to post to specific community only or and then you can select who can reply to it everyone people you follow only people you mention so yep that's basically it and then you can just tap to tweet so it's kind of like a different to uh uh different to uh like your twitter birthday because then uh uh yeah if your twitter birds do you have all these balloons and all of that here is just interesting cool feature you don't have balloons but you have this nice little picture uh so that's that um hope this is helpful

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