hello everyone so here is two app which is about live streaming uh and just you know meet people in video calls uh so just a quick overview of the app how it looks like so here is the app no data available okay so for some reason it's not really so there are messages there are profiles so you can go to profiles here uh you can go to the to the app so you can go to the questions you can see if the all the information you can try to chat so you need to add your profile photo okay let's just add a profile photo here then you can just start chatting here um you can add gifts if you don't like you can delete conversation you can block a report user um so that's about that and then here you will see all the real stream all the chats available in this region probably because i just changed region to ukraine i don't see all the live streams and chats in this region but it should be available for you then i can also top up this app with some coins i can see the transaction history on the other basically two types of coins here there is gold and diamond so yeah then you can see all your broadcast data uh all your your analytics like how many subscribers usd you attract and then you can just uh yeah so you can see all these people you can swipe left swipe pride so you can just do that there's another app upload in that category so then you can write a message you like or see other photos you can see search options in the top right you can see you can change your location so you can see where it is available so you can see all the photos so yeah that's basically the app that's how you engage here if you go to your profile in top right they reset your icon enterprise and then tap on account if you want you can delete your account or you want you can hide your account easily and then there are permissions and privacy blocked users uh if you want you can upgrade it to premium like yes you can upgrade like for three months 194 usd per week one week over a month 9.99 per month so that's basically that's the app so yeah something like that i think this app yeah it has some issues but and there you have it that's how it works yeah you can definitely try it out

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