Uber rating as a passenger - can you see who added it?

Uber rating as a passenger - can you see who added it?

Uber rating. How to see who sub added your rating. Can you see it as a passenger? As a user. So, I just don't know if it's actually possible. Let's check it out. Yeah, I don't know if it's possible, but at least that's just what it is. So, yep.

The ability to view who has given you a rating on Uber as a passenger has been a topic of interest among users. Here are some key points to consider in relation to this:

  • As of now, Uber does not provide a direct way for passengers to see which driver has given them a rating.
  • The anonymity of ratings is maintained to ensure a fair and unbiased rating system.
  • Users have expressed mixed opinions regarding this feature, with some valuing the anonymity and others wanting more transparency.

While it may be frustrating not to know who has rated you on the platform, it is essential to remember that the rating system is designed to encourage both passengers and drivers to uphold a certain standard of behavior during rides.

In conclusion, the ability to see who added your Uber rating as a passenger remains unavailable. However, the current system aims to ensure a fair and impartial feedback mechanism for all users involved in the platform.

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