uDates app - full overview & how to use

hey there so here is your dates app which is recently climbing in the to the top charts in us app store so it may seem like another dating app but let's just go through it in case you want to switch from tinder or bumble or some other dating app and try out something new maybe you can have more luck in your dates app compared to tinder so yeah what you can do here you can just create your profile um get notifications when someone checked your profiles on like in tinder where you need to pay to see who liked you here you can just get it for free you can just chat with people they claim that it's a secure app and then you can subscribe for 19.99 per one month or 12 month subscription and all of that so here is here is the app uh it's not that available worldwide as tinder though so probably it will only work if you are in united states uh or some like bigger countries because if you allow your location it will automatically populate your field with the people you're looking for so you created your account then you can just select filters who you want to meet it just shows the profile by some location then in the second tab you can see all the live streams you can see then all the chats you can just start to reach out someone and start chatting then you can see all the likes to reach out and meet other members and then you can see visitors to your profile so that's that's what available for free and just premium features you have unlimited chats start all conversations for free see who liked you see who visited you okay so probably you still need to pay for it but maybe in some other wayand then you can get additional coins and see read receipts for your messages and here are the prices and you can always downgrade here are all your coins you can separately just buy coins for these prices uh here is your account if you're not happy with that you can always delete an account and here you can just try you dice premium start a free trial actually you can log out from here if you not sure about some other issue you can always reach out to their support support at udaids.io and they will help you to resolve some of the issues so that's it that's the app you can edit your profile here with the pencil add more photos add bio add interests and you can add your info or something like that so that's that's the idea that's the app just a quick preview sorry that i'm in location where it has no like data i don't know actually if it's possible to change your location so when you create that just be careful probably if you are from some big u.s city you will have profiles here but from european cities or from other parts of the world maybe it just won't be accessible yet because probably the database here is growing but not that fast it's not like one of the top leading dating apps yet but who knows so anyways that's the idea of the app thanks for watching like subscribe send some super thanks and see you around

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