uDates app - how to create an account?

hey everyone so let's try to install you dates app so just tap get in the app store and as you can see it's in the top charts in social networking categories and m1 top growing apps so let's just explore why it's growing so you can find people in your city chat with singles find out who is it that you get likes connect and chat and yeah so always a good idea if you're tired of tinder or bumble or badou or some other like dating apps you'll use you can always discover you dates or some other app so let's just go here and then yeah to create an account let's just try to do is with apple if you're on apple device i'm just doing it [Music] you can join with email or google you can just modify it your first date you can add more photos yep then you can just use that photo and then yeah then you need to confirm your email also and then chat so you can see all the live and yeah so that's the account that's how you create an account

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