umum - let’s talk - how to create an account?

here is interesting app which is so many apps like this in this category on the on the app store but yeah let's just explore how to install it and it's as you can see it's in the top 200 apps on social networking category [Music] so you can voice chat with random people there is quick match post voice to discover find new friends and all of that so that's basically the idea and then you can post and share messages and yeah meet interesting friends for free what is umu we are a secure platform that protects your privacy and all aspects without the need for real avatars and profiles we are friendly and welcoming platform where immersive instant messages can help you meet interesting friends all over the world if you're very interesting platform a large number of our props so that's basically that and then uh you can basically create an account easily with apple for me it's the fastest way to do that some people say that apple usually will future will just use like all these signups without passwords but anyhow so select your gender you can skip it add your nickname you can give access to camera so here is how it looks like so you just have your camera you have your messages but as you can see i think this app is a bit spammy guys so this kind of apps are constantly being developed here so this is one of those so just choose carefully what do you think maybe it will be improved in future

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