Unable to join Wi-Fi network on iPad error - what can you do?

so here's basically some annoying issue on ipad maybe it's an older ipad so basically i'm trying to join my wi-fi and it has this error unable to join the network this network so basically what i did i just changed my router um and that's it so i changed my updated my router and i used the same wi-fi cable and i changed my wi-fi provider a while ago but that works fine with an old router and then it doesn't work with a new one so what i found on internet you need to go to general you know settings then you need to go to reset here in the bottom so just tap that and then here it says reset network settings then you just need to enter your passcode and then this will delete all network settings returning them to factory defaults so that's basically it and then your ipad will restart so that's as i understand this is the fix this should help out so try out

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