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so here's wix app which is climbing in top charts in in us app store for entertainment so as you can see it's like in top 20 entertainment apps right now with you know with this name is netflix uh tick tock and all of that so it's quite interesting why is that i think because this is kind of like netflix for espanol for spanish-speaking audience so you have a lot of shows a lot of entertainment kids show sports live channels famous movies just translated into into spanish and just like spanish-speaking entertainment so on-demand series some really high quality movies um kits shows and as it's available on a lot of devices like iphone ipad apple tv apps um so you can see here all of that football as well massive video library and it's just basically the top app for spec spanish-speaking community from all around the globe uh as you know i think spanish is one of the like most popular languages after english so it's a massive audience for this app there are some good and bad reviews yet but is it getting better overall like hundred thousand plus rating four point eight out of five average writing so that's pretty good uh some people write that it's crashes that are like uh too many ads there are like some minor bags but there are also like customer experience um but anyways i'll just show you how it looks like so basically here is the app you can see all the all of the shows um like some new shows some series some shows for kids cinema so you can see some american movies but just like translated to spanish then you have all these like uh uh you know like live channels you can see them here what's available so there are a lot of channels and i you can just watch them live so yeah massive selection of and then they're also on demand channels on demand series then there is this also this uh tab deported so you can see a lot of sports a lot of football which you can watch and then there's some news some updates uh so that's basically the app super easy to use and it's available on all devices like ipad iphone apple tv and all of that so yeah something around that um you can also settings there also here and that's basically the idea uh so that's that's the app overview there are still as you can see there are still quite a lot of bugs uh there are some a lot of improvements recently i would have give it five star if it had few more things like search bar and maybe profiles uh i would also pay for no ad plan and more novellas um so that's that uh mixed feelings needs a search feature loaded content um so there are still few bugs here and there it's quite buggy for some reason of course it's quite complicated app to develop especially if you want to compete with netflix or something but yeah seems still spanish audience like it they like that this is very specifically focused app just designed for spanish speak speaking people and there is a lot of interesting content uh yeah so definitely give it a try um i won't say any more so that's basically how it looks like so yeah hope it was helpful

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