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so finnish self-care widget app is is quite popular is rising top charts it has amazing reviews but still for some people it glitches it doesn't work it has some bugs so while a lot of people appreciate like the mission of this app some people still like have some bugs so this person is just says i want to give five stars all the ways help me but my app was glitching badly for days and erased a day of goals to do another progress this fix now i think but that makes me hesitant to keep using especially and i've been relying on it a lot before i really was there was an option to save progress online with locally only to both avoid issues like this so uh yep so sometimes since there is a bug that the the proper progress might not be saved but yeah other than that seems that the other reviews are pretty high ranking like super cute app so there you have it in any case if you have any issues with the app you can always just reach out to app support tap just app support here and then uh yeah somewhere here you should be able to reach out to support but okay so it's not here i then i actually don't know how you can try to reach out usually you can go to privacy policy and then scroll to the very bottom or something like that and try to find like address as you can see it's quite extensive privacy policy so yeah support befinch.com

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